lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Our basic lawn care package consists of mowing, line trimming, edging & blowing all areas clean of debris.  We always welcome your ideas or suggestions & feedback.

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Landscape pruning

Routine maintenance is the best practice for most plants and keeps your landscape looking its finest at all times.  We can include these services in a maintenance contract or perform them as-needed upon your request.

de-weeding of beds

De-weeding of beds

If kept up with on a routine basis, most beds can be kept nearly weed free at all times.  Through the use of hand pulling weeds & chemical applications, we can keep your beds looking well-manicured.

Tree pruning or removal

Tree pruning or removal

Our tree services range from minor pruning of small trees to pruning or removal of very large trees including Palm tree pruning.

Mulch installation

Mulch installation

We provide Cedar mulch, Red or Black dyed Mulch & even recycled rubber mulch if so desired.

Fertilizing & Pre-Emergent’s

Fertilizing & Pre-Emergent’s

Fertilizers & Pre-Emergent’s should be applied only by professionals licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture at specific times of the year.  This is not only my opinion, but is the law & is enforced by the Texas Department of Agriculture.  I hold a Commercial Applicators license issued by the TDA & attend mandatory training classes each year to stay educated in the field.  Under fertilizing is a waste of your money & over fertilizing causes health risk to our natural resources.  Both situations are unhealthy for your plants.


Treating lawn weeds & pests

Each year pests such as Weeds, Chinch Bugs, Aphids, Fireants, Fleas, molds, fungus and more take over someone’s yard & calls for chemical measures.  If caught & treated quickly, the affects are usually quickly reversible.  We can treat your Lawn & Ornamentals for pests that could cause overwhelming damage if left alone.  Our preferred method however is to do preventative treatments & stop these things from happening before they become a problem.

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Irrigation maintenance & repairs

Routine checks of your irrigation system ensure that you are not wasting water & resolves many performance issues.  It is usually better to fix small issues more often than to fix many issues less often. I recommend bi-monthly or quarterly reviews of irrigation systems.  We can setup a maintenance schedule that meets your needs & its one less thing you have to remember to schedule.  Sprinkler systems should only be serviced or installed by individuals that are licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  I am licensed irrigator # LI0015804.


Backflow testing & repairs

Commercial Backflows must be tested annually as required by most local municipalities.  Residential backflows are typically required to be tested every two years.  We can get your backflows tested & put onto our calendar so they will be kept up with on time as required.  Any necessary repairs will be made & all documents will be automatically sent to the city or water purveyor for recording.

Landscape Installation

Landscape installation

Anyone can through new plants in the ground & make them look great right?  This is slightly exaggerated but knowing which plants need full sun, partial sun, which plants are deer resistant, shade tolerant and watering requirements for plants requires a lot of homework

.  We have done this homework & can help you make decisions about what is best for your new landscape.  From totally new bed designs to ripping out old overgrown plants & starting over; we can help.


Sod Sales & installation

If you want to do it yourself, we can sell & deliver sod straight to your place.  Or, if like most, you would rather have the professionals do all the heavy lifting, we can do the complete job start to finish.  We offer several varieties of St Augustine, Bermuda Grass, Zoysia & Buffalo.


Seasonal color changeout

Seasonal color is typically changed out twice per year in May & October.  Plant selections are based on the presence of deer, watering availability and the existing landscape as well as other factors.  Seasonal color can turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Kubota Tractor Shredding

Field & lot shredding

For those jobs that a zero-turn mower just can handle, we offer shredding services.  Our  95HP Kubota tractor & a heavy duty Bush Hog shredder are capable of cutting 4” diameter brush & shrubs.

Brown Patch

Other Services

Leaf pickup.  Debris  haul off.  Lot clean up.  Poly & Metal edging installation.

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