Rose Pruning

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Love and roses are on our minds with Valentine’s Day on the horizon.  Forget the love, it’s ROSE PRUNING time.  It’s time to prune those rose bushes back in preparation for spring growth, buds, and blooms.  Many homeowners are afraid to cut back their roses in efforts to prevent growth dominance and focus on bud and bloom production.  But in actuality, pruning is what your roses so desperately want and need during dormancy for future flowering.  First, roses don’t want to hold on to dead and diseased/damaged stems.  These rose stems are just taking up their space for future growth and blooms.  Secondly, remove all suckers and small weak stems that are consuming water and nutrients from dominant (thick and long) stems.  When roses put on new growth they want to focus on preparing for buds and flower bloom; not in maintain old little shoots.  Third, remove all remaining sprouts in the middle of the bush.  This helps the rose bush with air movement for absorbing carbon dioxide and prevent safe havens for pests.

These three concepts are the bases to why spring pruning for roses need to be done and done right!

So, that brings us to the how.  The best way to learn how to prune a rose is through illustrations.  Mississippi State University has developed a superb guide with diagrams on how to prune roses:

It is certainly worth studying and utilizing to prevent further damage to your rose bushes and promote buds and blooms.

Lastly, two websites, one furnished from Texas A&M and the other from a Texas Master Gardener, can provide additional resources on correctly pruning your rose bushes for the South Texas/Hill Country region.  It is vital to know how to care for your rose bushes in your temperate location in order to prepare them for the next three seasons.


Again, if you don’t feel confident or have the time for pruning back your roses/shrubs/perennials in preparation for springtime blooms, please call on the professionals – Liberty Lawn & Landscaping at 830-629-5296.  You will be glad you did.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is a family-owned and operated business for the last 12 years.  We take pride in our work and the value of our services.  Our knowledge base far exceeds the many local and regional landscape companies.  We strive for quality service and satisfied customers.

New Braunfels Tree Care

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Trees are vital pieces to any landscape.  Their long-term value is irreplaceable due to the length of time and effort to establish a full grown tree.  But trees are often forgotten and overlooked because of the low maintenance.  February is the month of Trees.  Since we are in the early weeks of February, tree pruning is the essential element at this time.  As trees are dormant during winter months and the horizon of next month’s budding and root growth nears, tree maintenance through structural pruning can expand the life and health of any tree.  Reducing risk, providing clearance, reducing wind resistance, influencing flower/fruit production, while improving the tree’s aesthetics are some of the basic objectives for most homeowners.  However, objectives can’t be properly meet without the proper methods. ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has established best management practices for tree pruning through numerous findings and results from research. ISA offers a comprehensive, but easy to read, book on how to properly prune all species of trees titled “Best Management Practices – Tree Pruning, Second Edition” at

One of the main takebacks for pruning any tree is the simple three-cut method approach for removing any limb/branch. 

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Cut 1 is the undercut, half way thru the branch with cut 2 being slight down and above cut 1 with the same depth. Cut 3 is the final removal stage.  This prevents bark tears and distributes the weight of the branch evening for the final cut. Two important comments to note is branch collar and using a chain saw.  First: an essential element to effective tree healing from pruning is never to cut behind or at the branch collar.because all the healing (compartmentalizing) mechanisms are located in the region.  What is the branch collar… it is where two branches our trunks have joined together to create a swell.

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The picture below shows two cuts.  Cut 1 is the correct cut beyond the branch collar to aid the tree in compartmentalizing the wound, while cut 2 is incorrect and will allow pest and decay to occur. Secondly: when using a chainsaw the 2nd cut should be either close to or right above the 1st cut but not all the way through.  This closer cut aids in safety to prevent a barber chair break.

Now, if the idea of tree pruning and structural management is beyond your scope of safety and knowledge, New Braunfels Tree Care experts are just a call away.  Liberty Lawn & Landscaping Inc. offers tree pruning, tree management, and tree care from our best management practices through ISA education and 11 years of reliable experience.  Call us today, 830-629-5296 for more information and to schedule a free estimate.


Additional Information:

The USDA has subsequentially developed a handbook guide on “How to Prune Trees” that any homeowner or professional can reference:

Seguin Lawn Care


Outlining your lawn with stones or pavers can create a manicured look for your green space. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Christina O. of Seattle, Washington)

Homeowners tend to have quite a lot of things to do on a daily basis. Lawn care doesn’t have to be among the long list of activities in your mind. You can count on Liberty Lawn and Landscaping New Braunfels for all your Seguin Lawn Care needs. This includes landscaping, mowing, edging, tree trimming, and more.

New Braunfels is characterized by a rich cultural heritage and you should be out there having some fun with friends and family. The reason as to why Liberty Lawn and Landscaping is here is to ensure your lawn care chores are taken care off as you enjoy life and take care of your family. You are our number one priority and your satisfaction is key to us.

Most Seguin Lawn Care contractors tend to offer seasonal services but this is not the case with our specialists. We understand that many aspects of lawn care can be seasonal but our services are always available throughout the year. Despite the fact that our scheduling can be affected by factors such as rain, holidays, and temperature our lawn care services in Seguin, TX are available any time your lawn needs help.

Our technicians are not only skilled but possess years of experience caring for yards across New Braunfels. They are informed and familiar with the seasonal challenges, pests, and grasses specific to this region.

At Liberty Lawn and Landscaping, we care about your lawn the way you do. Don’t give your lawn to an inexperienced contractor. Experience a professional and quality Seguin Lawn Care service. Our goal is to provide you with excellent lawn care service regardless of the size of your project. Our lawn care service is available to both commercial and residential customers.

Call us today at 830-629-5296 for a free estimate.

Lawn Mowing Service Gruene TX

de-weeding of beds

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping New Braunfels offers top-notch Lawn Mowing Service Gruene TX to homeowners all over New Braunfels and surrounding areas. Most people find mowing the lawn quite overwhelming and difficult. Well, that is not the case for us. It is what we do and we do it best. That means you don’t have to worry any more about your mowing needs since we are here to help. We provide affordable lawn mowing service all tailored to the needs of your lawn.

We understand that every yard has its own uniqueness and that’s why our mowing experts do custom tailor their approach so that it perfectly meets the individual needs of your lawn. We don’t just do our own things. No. Our approach allows us to carefully consider variables such as the ideal cut height, weed proliferation, grass variety, and mowing patterns.

One of the most important

factors that we put into account is the ideal cut height. Our recommendation is that you shouldn’t mow your grass too short. It is very important to leave the grass a little bit long to avoid greater weed proliferation, bald spots, as well as stress. While there are many Lawn Mowing Service Gruene TX contractors, very few will deliver what they say. Our mowing specialists know the right cutting height for your lawn so as to allow for deeper growth of roots hence less watering. This will not only save you valuable money but also have a positive effect to the environment.

We have skilled mowing technicians who have deep expertise and experience in lawn mowing and maintenance. If you want professionals who know what they are doing, hire us. Our Lawn Mowing Service Gruene TX includes:

  • Mowing all the parts with grass
  • Edging around your driveway, alley, patio, and sidewalks
  • Blowing the trimmings/chippings
  • Line-trimming around the trees, beds, and fences.

We stand by our work and you can expect complete satisfaction.

Get in touch today for a free estimate.

Residential Lawn Care Gruene TX


Proper lawn care usually consumes a lot of time and involves a much hard work. Every person values time due to the many activities that one needs to attend to each day. This explains why most people find it overwhelming to carry out lawn care requirements such as blowing trimmings, mowing, and edging. There are many other activities you can attend to and leave your lawn in the hands of a trusted lawn care specialist. Liberty Lawn and Landscaping New Braunfels is a Residential Lawn Care Gruene TX contractor that can help you out. We want to free you up so that you can have enough time with your family and friends.

We offer complete Residential lawn care service to customers in New Braunfels, TX. Our lawn care service includes edging, blowing, weed eating, and mowing. We have trained experts who are not only experienced but informed on the best methods and techniques to maintain the beauty of your lawn garden.

As one of the best Residential Lawn Care Gruene TX contractors, no yard is small or large to us. Our experts will come up with a schedule for affordable, quality service that fits all your needs. As much as we want to ensure you are freed up to have time for your family, we are also committed to handing to you a nice lawn that enhances the beauty of your property.

Our schedule will be tailored to fit your needs. We utilize the best lawn care tools and equipment to make sure you are provided with an efficient service. Our top priority is to see our customers completely satisfied.

Call us today at 830-629-5296 for a free estimate or to schedule service

New Braunfels Sod installation


At Liberty Lawn and Landscaping, we also specialize in New Braunfels Sod Installation services. Our specialists use the most innovative techniques to ensure you receive the most effective and efficient service. As a Sod installation contractor in New Braunfels, we are committed to meeting your individual needs with field-proven grass varieties and some of the latest hybrids.

Grasses such as Zeon and Jamur can’t be grown from seed. Such grass must, therefore, be planted as sod, sprigs, or plugs. Sodding is the most recommended method. Our professionals apply a method that allows our customers to have a faster growth-in rate. Unlike the conventional method, we use a machine to cut the sprigs from the sod roll while planting. We will transport our sprigs to your property or home with the soil intact. This makes them to ensure less shock stress thus reducing the recovery time.

We guarantee the highest quality of grass for your lawn. Our goal is to ensure your family is always enjoying the run through a green and healthy lawn. Why wait for too long when our experts are ready with New Braunfels Sod Installation around you. You shouldn’t wait for too long to start enjoying a beautiful lawn. We have the best varieties from Zoysia to St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Density Buffalo.

Our top priority is your satisfaction. Give us a call today at 830-629-5296

New Braunfels fire ant control


Do you need New Braunfels fire ant control services? Liberty Lawn and Landscaping New Braunfels has been helping business and home owners eliminate and deal with fire ants for many years. Fire ants are common friends to most homes and properties all over Texas. If you’ve been a victim of a fire ant’s sting, you’ll agree to the fact that it is very painful and may result in allergic reactions.

Well, if you’ve not encountered them, they could be planning on paying you a visit. You can identify them by their large dirt mound nests as well as their red-brown coloration. They often find their way into buildings and properties while searching for food and water, especially when there is scarcity of water in the outside sources. With the help of our New Braunfels fire ant control experts, you will be able to effectively solve all your fire ant problems. Liberty Lawn and Landscaping New Braunfels is your number one fire ant control expert. We will provide your lawn with everything that is required to completely say goodbye to fire ants quickly and effectively.

If you don’t prevent fire ants from overtaking your garden, be prepared for the worst. They can cause severe damage especially in the plant roots. They tend to feed on the young plants in the lawn garden not to mention that it won’t be possible for you to step in your lawn anymore. We are here to ensure your lawn is safe for you and your family. Furthermore, we want to help you have a lawn that enhances the beauty of your property.

Protect your Lawn Today

Let us inspect everything in your property and remove fire ants using the best pesticide. We take pride in being your local lawn care specialists. To get started

with New Braunfels fire ant control from Liberty Lawns and Landscaping, simply give us a call at 830-629-5296 and we will be happy to provide a free estimate.

New Braunfels weed control


Liberty Lawn and Landscape New Braunfels has helped many business and home owners improve the look and beauty of their properties. Lawn weeds are one of the biggest problems faced by home and business owners. Usually, these plants invade and take over the garden and lawn thereby choking out other garden plants and competing for valuable nutrients. Furthermore, they make the garden unsightly. If you are an homeowner, you should look for a trusted New Braunfels weed control professional who will help in eliminating these weeds from your lawn before they spread all over the lawn space.

Weeds tend to grow and spread at a very terrific pace and if they are not controlled or destroyed it can become a big challenge.

How do you Identify Lawn Weeds?

Most homeowners find it quite difficult to identify and determine whether a given plant is a weed or not. If you can’t identify weeds, then you will not be able to eliminate them. There are several signs that you can look for and you’ll spot lawn weeds.

  • Weeds tend to grow and sprout up in places where other garden plants are struggling to grow. They can often be identified on the foundation of buildings, in pathway and sidewalk cracks, and other areas where there is little access to water and sunlight.
  • Unlike garden plants, weeds tend to be tougher and thicker. Compared to normal lawn grass, weeds have thicker stems that appear straw like
  • Typical lawn grass is usually slightly darker green compared to weeds. Weeds tend to be lighter and slightly off-color compared to garden plants.
  • The growth patterns and textures of weeds are usually different in the stems and leaves.

It is not an easy task to eliminate something that is durable and adaptive. This is the exact traits of weeds. However weed control can be achieved through:

  • Chemical treatment using herbicides. Compared to manual weeding, chemical treatment is less labor intensive and relatively easy. Herbicides can be dangerous and harmful if not handled with great care.
  • Mechanical method which involves either mowing, plowing, picking, or pulling. This method is environmentally friendly though labor intensive.
  • Biological control using certain organisms such as bacteria, grazing animals, fungi, and insects.

Our experts at Liberty Lawn and Landscaping New Braunfels can help you decide the right method to control your weeds. However, our preferred method is to do preventative treatments & stop these weeds from sprouting up and becoming a problem. We are the best professionals for your New Braunfels Weed Control project.

Contact us today at 830-629-5296 for a free quote.

New Braunfels Weed Spraying


The best way to keeping your lawn healthy and thick is by keeping the weeds away. This can be a difficult task especially if you don’t have the expertise to deal with the most aggressive weeds. To begin with, weeds are never friendly to the plants in your lawn garden. They not only compete for space and nutrients, but also make your lawn garden unsightly. While the reasons for undertaking weed control differ from one person to another, the fact remains that you want to deal with weeds that are already out of control.

There are different ways through which one can control weeds including biological methods, mechanical methods, and chemical methods. If you are searching for New Braunfels Weed Spraying, look no further. At Liberty Lawn and Landscape New Braunfels, we provide weed control services using chemical methods. We control weeds in lawns using herbicides which kill any undesirable plant leaving your plants. We understand how difficult it can be for you when it comes to keeping weeds at bay.

We apply chemicals through spraying either on the whole garden or on individual plants. We have the expertise to effectively handle the chemicals as we remove unwanted weeds from your garden. Although many homeowners believe that herbicides are dangerous, this is not the case with us. The herbicides we use are safe and won’t damage your plants.

We have been providing our New Braunfels Weed Spraying services to businesses and homes in New Braunfels for years now. The end result from our quality service is a healthy, green garden that is free from weeds. We want to help you get your garden in the best shape.

Don’t allow weeds to destroy the beauty of your lawn and garden. Give us a call at 830-629-5296

New Braunfels Back Flow Test


According to Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the official Texas Environmental regulator, sprinkler systems are required to have an approved backflow device to prevent the local water supply from being contaminated. It is, therefore, a requirement for the backflow devices to be tested after it has been installed and on an annual basis. The requirements set by the regulator are usually enforced by local water purveyors. If you are searching for a New Braunfels backflow test, look no further.

Liberty Lawn and Landscaping New Braunfels is certified and licensed (#LI0015804) by TCEQ to provide backflow testing in New Braunfels. It is your responsibility to prevent pollutants from getting to the public water supply. You should, therefore, ensure that the installed devices on your irrigation system are tested if they are working properly.

You will always receive an annual notice depending on the time when the installation of your sprinkler system was done. Our irrigation experts at Liberty Lawn and Landscaping can provide you with a backflow test and write a certification report indicating your compliance to the code.

Why do you need a Backflow Preventer?

As the name suggests, the backflow preventer, prevents pollutants or rather contaminants from flowing back into the local water supply system. You could be wondering about the contaminants we are talking about here. Residential homes and commercial properties are likely to have contaminants such as insecticides, fertilizers, fecal matter, and larvae. These devices are required by law and also help in protecting the drinking water supply. A New Braunfels backflow test isn’t an option for any homeowner or business owner using sprinkler systems.

Trust the licensed, certified experts at Liberty Lawn and Landscaping for your New Braunfels Backflow test today. We are also registered with most of the water purveyors in New Braunfels. Don’t allow it done by a non-professional contractor.

Contact us today at 830-629-5296 and we will be able to assist you.

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