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Welcome to the world of color.  As visual beings color is paramount to our emotions, thoughts, and personality.  We define ourselves by the colors we wear, the color of our car, the color of our homes, and most important the color of our landscapes.  But how can color effect a landscape?


Which do you prefer: a green lawn or a brown lawn, a green leaves or brown leaves, a green shrub or brown shrub?  Green associates with life while brown is, of course, a sign and symbol of death or dormancy.  Whatever the case, who doesn’t like spring color and the fresh array of color.

Many consumers as me what colorful plants can survive our Texas heat and drought.  My response, it depends on if irrigation is available and if there is direct sun.  Why the sun?  Sun is the source of light a plant needs to photosynthesis food to produce powerful blooms.  Blooms take a large amount of plant energy and that energy comes first from the sun then the air and soil nutrients.


A great source to find colorful plants that are drought resistant in Texas is no other than Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  If you have never been to the center and love to explore new and great ideas for landscaping and EarthKind plants then you are missing out.  Lady Bird Johnson’s website offers an ideal list for Texas homeowners and landscapers in which colorful plants are best in Texas:


Also, Hill Country Master Gardeners has a wonderful plant list for recreational gardening:   Some of my favorites are African Iris, Blackfoot Daisy, Bird of Paradise, Butterfly Bush, Copper Canyon Daisy, Esperanza, Firebush, Spanish Lavender, Plumbago, Blue Mealy Sage, Mexican Bush Sage, Mexican Mint Marigold, Mexican Oregano, Russian Sage, Society Garlic, Texas Betony, Tropical Milkweed, and Zexmenia.  Just this list alone can bring a variety of color, shapes, and sizes for any full to partial sun landscape.


In addition, once these plants are established after one to two growing seasons the watering requirements can be cut back to once a week deep watering.  Deep watering is the key.  Drought tolerant roots need deep, long roots to maintain moisture and not swallow roots that can dry out quickly.  Lastly, many of the plants listed above also attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.  These little creatures are vital to the continuous need of pollination.  In all, creating a full circle of beauty and delight in a sustaining world of landscape.

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