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As one of New Braunfels Lawn Care company, it is important to remember safety while mowing grass.  There are various ways to injury oneself, resulting in thousands of dollars in healthcare bills.  And, it doesn’t just end at the mower and weed-eater.  Edgers, trimmers, blowers and sprayers are the tools that can cause injury.  However, lawn chemicals are just as harmful to the body as tools.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported more than 230,000 people are injured per year with lawn equipment and tools.

Lawn Mowers

With mower blades rotating 200mph, lawn mowers are dangerous equipment that can be deadly. On behalf of New Braunfels Lawn Care companies, we implement the following standards to prevent injury. Watch for holes and hidden hazards.  Don’t drive too close to a creek, ditch or any other obstructions.  Make sure the transmission is in neutral and the mower blade disengaged before starting the engine.  Mow up and down sloping terrain. Do not mow across a slope.  Keep the mower in gear when going down slopes.  Slow down when turning and when working on slopes.  Always look behind you before backing the mower.  Disengage the mower blade when on pavement, sidewalks or gravel lanes.

Power Tools

Lawn care tools have enough power to cause fatal accidents if not used appropriately.  Numerous New Braunfels Lawn Care companies are operating these tools in hazardous methods.  One significant issue with line trimmers is removing protective guards and string guides.  This is a violation of OSHA and can cause serious injuries to the worker and bystanders.  Liberty Lawn & Landscaping Inc. employees the following standards to prevent injury.

Before trimming, remove glass, limbs, rocks and trash that could become projectiles.  Watch for exposed electrical wires, communication lines, and extension cords to avoid damaging them with the trimmer string.  Don’t remove protective guards and string guides.  Monitor the string length.  Automatic-feed and bump-feed trimmers may release more string than you think and cause the string to strike you unexpectedly.  Make sure all children and bystanders are out of the way before you begin trimming.  Protect yourself with long pants, long-sleeve shirts, gloves, hard boots, goggles or safety glasses, and earplugs.  With electric trimmers, inspect all extension cords for cuts, nicks or scrapes.  Exposed wires are an electrical hazard. Replace damaged cords immediately.

Safety is Priority

New Braunfels Lawn Care companies are the professionals who set the standards for industry safety.  As one of the primer New Braunfels Lawn Care companies, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping Inc. enforces the use of a safety program similar to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Lawn Maintenance Safety. For further safety details please review the following document:

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