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As the grass becomes green many customers ask their lawn care company the same question.  How do I get my grass to look good?  When a lawn care company gives you a general answer, this should raise a red flag.  With this question, there are numerous other questions that must be followed up by the lawn care company. Such questions a lawn care company should ask must pertain to three categories: the sun, water, and soil.  These three factors are critical to finding a solution to any grass problem.  Just as food, water, and exercise are important factors to human health so are these three factors to grass.


As the saying goes with our lawn care company, “too much or too little of some things is not good.”  This saying fits the criteria for grasses three factors.  Each grass needs just the right amount to produce an overall wellbeing.  The soil needs to have the right amounts of each nutrient for cellular production, maintenance, resistance, and growth.  If the nutrients are too high or too low than soil modifications such as fertilizers must be introduced to the soil.


This also applies to the other two factors: sun and water.  If there is irrigation available the irrigation system needs to be adjusted for the season, temperature, and rainfall average.  Our lawn care company provides this service to our customers.  One item many customers lack is a rain sensor for their irrigation system, which our lawn care company can install.  A rain sensor is vital to prevent overwatering.  Overwatering is a leading cause for brown patch in St. Augustine grass.  If a customer does not have an irrigation system, a manual watering system and schedule must be designed and laid out.  The customer must be conscious and attentive to the schedule and utilize judgment with rainfall and temperature fluctuations.  Unless they utilize the knowledge of a lawn care company who are a licensed irrigator(s).


Lastly, the sun factor is the main criteria for selecting the appropriate grass for the landscape.  How much sun or shade a landscape has can define what type or types of grass will be required for the lawn.  Some grasses demand an entire 8 hrs. of direct sun to flourish while others require less than 4hrs.  Lawns can have a different type of grass for the front and backyard due to the sun factor.  Trees may need to be removed to allow light for grass growth.  Or grass will need to be replaced with proper shade-loving grass when trees grow to maturity.


At Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, we can help you resolve all your grass problems.  Our lawn care company not only utilizes our knowledge and experience but employs several of our vendors who scholar in lawn management.

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