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The industry of New Braunfels lawn service, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping has proved to be the topmost reputable and reliable in the county.  Since officially starting the company in 2005, Tray and Christy Rohlf have prided themselves in the quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction.  Through years of experience and continuing education in irrigation, lawn chemicals, gardening, and arboriculture, Tray and Christy are constantly increasing the company’s knowledge in order to provide elite New Braunfels lawn service to all their current and potential customer.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is the primer New Braunfels lawn service and numerous customers are recognizing the value of the company.  During the initial consultation, potential and new customers acknowledge and appreciate the insightful help and suggestions Tray and Christy provides free of charge.  New Braunfels lawn service requires this extensive knowledge base because of the ever-evolving Texas weather and the evidence-based research furnished by several well-known universities, such as Texas A&M.

Providing More than Service

As a New Braunfels lawn service, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping strives to provide customers with informative instruction and direction to assist with lawn care.  With the season of Spring occurring as we speak, one helpful website through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension on Spring Lawn Care offers direct and easy to follow advice for all types of homeowners.  This page,, can also be utilized for guidance for any season.  New Braunfels lawn service everywhere should use this page as the foundation for customer care.

In all, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping redefines New Braunfels lawn service by shaping the way for the future.  Just at doctors practice medicine and continue with advanced knowledge and technology, so should all landscapers.  Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is committed to this advancement and will strive for New Braunfels lawn and landscaping community.  The industry customers not only demand it but also desire it from all landscapers.

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