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One issue that comes up when meeting new or potential customers is quality and reliability.  Quality is directly related to knowledge and experience.  While reliability is related to business management and ethics.  Almost any individual with minimal resources can start a lawn & landscaping maintenance company; however, many of them lack the education, experience, and business management skills to successfully guarantee professional services.

Lawn & landscaping maintenance is an art and science.  The artistic realm is based on design and aesthetic attention.  From proper pruning to plant colors and structure, lawn & landscape maintenance is painting a picture through exact colors and strokes.  Then there is the science portion.  The science of horticulture is a field of study with numerous degrees and dimensions.  Plants are living organisms for which requires accurate care and comprehensive understanding.  When pruning a plant or tree, landscapers are invasively altering plant structure and controlling its livelihood.  When landscapers lack the knowledge and experience, plants can lose vitality and become disease-ridden and even decay to death.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is an all-inclusive lawn and landscape maintenance company with 12 years of experience and various educational degrees.  Our motto at Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is providing exceptional service while aiding and supporting our customers’ knowledge while understanding their lawn and landscaping needs.  Each of our customers has different degrees of involvement in their lawn & landscaping maintenance.  No matter what type of engagement, our goal is not only to meet our customer’s expectations but to exceed them. Through this, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping offers remarkable value to our customers.  And if we don’t, in those rare cases, we are willing to find an honest, sound solution to the problem.

One toolbox for homeowners, business owners, or corporate leaders to utilize when finding a lawn & landscape maintenance company is provided through the Ohio Landscape Association.  This web page provides information and ideas to consider when matching your wants and desires with the right professional landscaper who will meet your expectations.  Or if you live and/or requesting lawn & landscaping maintenance in the New Braunfels, Schertz, Seguin, La Vernia, Marion, Cibolo, and San Marcos areas, call Liberty Lawn & Landscaping today and you won’t regret it.



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