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New Braunfels landscape services

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New Braunfels landscape services

Landscaping is one of the most neglected features for homeowners.  Builders, contractors, and homeowners put a lot of effort into the planning and designing of the home.  But they forget about the outside parameter. How many people drive by your house daily versus the number of people who enter your home.  This is the reason why Liberty Lawn & Landscaping offers an array of New Braunfels Landscape Services.

What We Offer

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping has a certified Texas Master Gardener, Arborist, and a Licensed Irrigator on staff for New Braunfels Landscape Services.  We can design any landscape of your dreams.  We work alongside the customer in finding the appropriate selection of plants for the landscape and maintenance desires.  In addition, we educate our customers of how to care and maintain the plants for longevity.  We also provide the option for scheduled New Braunfels landscape services.  Of, if the customer has any questions after installation regarding disease management, we have a licensed chemical lawn & landscape applicator for integrated disease management.

Additional Education

One important website for New Braunfels landscape services is the Earth-Kind Landscaping techniques Texas A&M has developed for both professional landscapers and homeowners.  This website offers information about plants and landscape ideas for the Texas region.  It is the go-to guide for any and all New Braunfels landscape services. In addition, it provides on-line education for Texas Master Gardeners and highlights the 10 ways to make you landscape earth-kind.  The website link is  It is a great bookmark for future plant references.

The Difference

Anyone can sell you a landscape.  But New Braunfels landscape services requires intense education on plant selection, placement, and hardscape design.  South Texas has unique climatic weather with numerous soil types.  These two factors play an important role in design your dream landscape.  And if you have to contend with deer and shade, these additional factors can feel like limitations.  However, with the right experts like Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, these limitations are stepping stones to authentic plant and landscape precision.

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Lawn Care Company

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Lawn Care Company

As the grass becomes green many customers ask their lawn care company the same question.  How do I get my grass to look good?  When a lawn care company gives you a general answer, this should raise a red flag.  With this question, there are numerous other questions that must be followed up by the lawn care company. Such questions a lawn care company should ask must pertain to three categories: the sun, water, and soil.  These three factors are critical to finding a solution to any grass problem.  Just as food, water, and exercise are important factors to human health so are these three factors to grass.


As the saying goes with our lawn care company, “too much or too little of some things is not good.”  This saying fits the criteria for grasses three factors.  Each grass needs just the right amount to produce an overall wellbeing.  The soil needs to have the right amounts of each nutrient for cellular production, maintenance, resistance, and growth.  If the nutrients are too high or too low than soil modifications such as fertilizers must be introduced to the soil.


This also applies to the other two factors: sun and water.  If there is irrigation available the irrigation system needs to be adjusted for the season, temperature, and rainfall average.  Our lawn care company provides this service to our customers.  One item many customers lack is a rain sensor for their irrigation system, which our lawn care company can install.  A rain sensor is vital to prevent overwatering.  Overwatering is a leading cause for brown patch in St. Augustine grass.  If a customer does not have an irrigation system, a manual watering system and schedule must be designed and laid out.  The customer must be conscious and attentive to the schedule and utilize judgment with rainfall and temperature fluctuations.  Unless they utilize the knowledge of a lawn care company who are a licensed irrigator(s).


Lastly, the sun factor is the main criteria for selecting the appropriate grass for the landscape.  How much sun or shade a landscape has can define what type or types of grass will be required for the lawn.  Some grasses demand an entire 8 hrs. of direct sun to flourish while others require less than 4hrs.  Lawns can have a different type of grass for the front and backyard due to the sun factor.  Trees may need to be removed to allow light for grass growth.  Or grass will need to be replaced with proper shade-loving grass when trees grow to maturity.


At Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, we can help you resolve all your grass problems.  Our lawn care company not only utilizes our knowledge and experience but employs several of our vendors who scholar in lawn management.

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New Braunfels lawn service

Primer Lawn Care Company

The industry of New Braunfels lawn service, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping has proved to be the topmost reputable and reliable in the county.  Since officially starting the company in 2005, Tray and Christy Rohlf have prided themselves in the quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction.  Through years of experience and continuing education in irrigation, lawn chemicals, gardening, and arboriculture, Tray and Christy are constantly increasing the company’s knowledge in order to provide elite New Braunfels lawn service to all their current and potential customer.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is the primer New Braunfels lawn service and numerous customers are recognizing the value of the company.  During the initial consultation, potential and new customers acknowledge and appreciate the insightful help and suggestions Tray and Christy provides free of charge.  New Braunfels lawn service requires this extensive knowledge base because of the ever-evolving Texas weather and the evidence-based research furnished by several well-known universities, such as Texas A&M.

Providing More than Service

As a New Braunfels lawn service, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping strives to provide customers with informative instruction and direction to assist with lawn care.  With the season of Spring occurring as we speak, one helpful website through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension on Spring Lawn Care offers direct and easy to follow advice for all types of homeowners.  This page,, can also be utilized for guidance for any season.  New Braunfels lawn service everywhere should use this page as the foundation for customer care.

In all, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping redefines New Braunfels lawn service by shaping the way for the future.  Just at doctors practice medicine and continue with advanced knowledge and technology, so should all landscapers.  Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is committed to this advancement and will strive for New Braunfels lawn and landscaping community.  The industry customers not only demand it but also desire it from all landscapers.

New Braunfels Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance

 Lawn & Landscaping Maintenance

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One issue that comes up when meeting new or potential customers is quality and reliability.  Quality is directly related to knowledge and experience.  While reliability is related to business management and ethics.  Almost any individual with minimal resources can start a lawn & landscaping maintenance company; however, many of them lack the education, experience, and business management skills to successfully guarantee professional services.

Lawn & landscaping maintenance is an art and science.  The artistic realm is based on design and aesthetic attention.  From proper pruning to plant colors and structure, lawn & landscape maintenance is painting a picture through exact colors and strokes.  Then there is the science portion.  The science of horticulture is a field of study with numerous degrees and dimensions.  Plants are living organisms for which requires accurate care and comprehensive understanding.  When pruning a plant or tree, landscapers are invasively altering plant structure and controlling its livelihood.  When landscapers lack the knowledge and experience, plants can lose vitality and become disease-ridden and even decay to death.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is an all-inclusive lawn and landscape maintenance company with 12 years of experience and various educational degrees.  Our motto at Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is providing exceptional service while aiding and supporting our customers’ knowledge while understanding their lawn and landscaping needs.  Each of our customers has different degrees of involvement in their lawn & landscaping maintenance.  No matter what type of engagement, our goal is not only to meet our customer’s expectations but to exceed them. Through this, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping offers remarkable value to our customers.  And if we don’t, in those rare cases, we are willing to find an honest, sound solution to the problem.

One toolbox for homeowners, business owners, or corporate leaders to utilize when finding a lawn & landscape maintenance company is provided through the Ohio Landscape Association.  This web page provides information and ideas to consider when matching your wants and desires with the right professional landscaper who will meet your expectations.  Or if you live and/or requesting lawn & landscaping maintenance in the New Braunfels, Schertz, Seguin, La Vernia, Marion, Cibolo, and San Marcos areas, call Liberty Lawn & Landscaping today and you won’t regret it.



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