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New Braunfels Weed Services 

Weeds, Weeds go away, don’t every come another day…

As temperature rises and rain showers appear, weed growth and germination begins to dominate lawns. These unsightly pests can make a lawn go from pristine to tarnished. So, what are these pests and how do we eradicate them.

First, homeowners or landscape professionals need to properly categorize the weed into either broadleaf or grassy weeds.  This basically allows proper selection in herbicide application.  Broadleaf weeds are dicots (two seedlings per leaf) and grassy weeds are monocots (one seedling per leaf).  In order to properly kill the weed, the right chemical(s) must be selected.  There are chemicals that kill both categories but they are more costly.  And if you only have grassy weeds, then save yourself some money and by the assigned herbicide.

Aggie Turf offers an educational weed identification tool.

This tool provides an image of each weed with the common name.  You can click on the weed for a more detailed description of the weed. In addition, the tool offers a table for quick reference in understanding the differences between broadleaf, grass/grass-life, and sedges.  This is a great guide for novice homeowners who desire to learn more about those pesky weeds and how to eliminate them.

On a side note: please, PLEASE, do NOT use weed and feed on lawns.  The time to eliminate weeds does NOT coincide with fertilizing periods.  February thru March is the time to focus on weeds.  The lawn is reemerging from dormancy and is utilizing the organic breakdown from last year’s growth as the initial nutrients.  Also, any organic matter such as tree leaves provides additional mineralization.  Adding an extra boost of inorganic synthetic fertilizer could promote root burn and/or fastidious growth.  Fastidious growth is destructive for cell development and growth with mutations while also increasing susceptibility to pests.  Hold off on the fertilizer until April and even into the beginning of May.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping offers a top notice fertilizer and herbicide schedule that outranks other chemical application franchises.  While many other companies spray your lawn month with herbicides, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping eradicates weeds with only two application.  We don’t believe in over using synthetic chemicals in efforts of schedules and profits.  At Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, our top priority is our customer’s outcomes and savings.

If you want your lawn looking immaculate and flawless, call Liberty Lawn & Landscaping… You Won’t Regret It…


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