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Red imported fire ant mound with underground galleries

Ant Control

Did you know that 1 queen ant can lay 1500 eggs PER day?  These little pests can take over a yard within a matter of days.  Mounds can start appearing in your yard in all directions; but, unknown to the eye is all the underground tunnels and nests.  Ants are similar to states of civilization.  They take care of their community and protect their livelihood.  They are known for their aggressive behavior when they feel threatened or attacked.  Billions of people have felt their fiery wrath when they sting in defense.

At Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, we want to help prevent these pests from luring in your lawns and stinging you and your loved ones.  These pests can also be harmful to plants causing inadequate growth/development and invite other opportunistic pests for plant damage.  Additionally, ants can kill beneficial insects who aid in plant proliferation.


This is the #1 professional fire ant treatment with year-long guaranteed protection.  One application per year can eradicate all current and future ants.   If words are no enough here is a short video clip on how amazing this product really is:

Even better, TopChoice provides pest management for fleas, ticks, and crickets for up to 4 months.  And when TopChoice is applied on a yearly basis for two-to-three years straight, ants don’t have a fighting chance.  If your tired of those nasty stings and those eyesore mounds, call Liberty Lawn & Landscaping today and let us take the pain right out.


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