February 2017

New Braunfels Weed Services

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New Braunfels Weed Services 

Weeds, Weeds go away, don’t every come another day…

As temperature rises and rain showers appear, weed growth and germination begins to dominate lawns. These unsightly pests can make a lawn go from pristine to tarnished. So, what are these pests and how do we eradicate them.

First, homeowners or landscape professionals need to properly categorize the weed into either broadleaf or grassy weeds.  This basically allows proper selection in herbicide application.  Broadleaf weeds are dicots (two seedlings per leaf) and grassy weeds are monocots (one seedling per leaf).  In order to properly kill the weed, the right chemical(s) must be selected.  There are chemicals that kill both categories but they are more costly.  And if you only have grassy weeds, then save yourself some money and by the assigned herbicide.

Aggie Turf offers an educational weed identification tool.


This tool provides an image of each weed with the common name.  You can click on the weed for a more detailed description of the weed. In addition, the tool offers a table for quick reference in understanding the differences between broadleaf, grass/grass-life, and sedges.  This is a great guide for novice homeowners who desire to learn more about those pesky weeds and how to eliminate them.

On a side note: please, PLEASE, do NOT use weed and feed on lawns.  The time to eliminate weeds does NOT coincide with fertilizing periods.  February thru March is the time to focus on weeds.  The lawn is reemerging from dormancy and is utilizing the organic breakdown from last year’s growth as the initial nutrients.  Also, any organic matter such as tree leaves provides additional mineralization.  Adding an extra boost of inorganic synthetic fertilizer could promote root burn and/or fastidious growth.  Fastidious growth is destructive for cell development and growth with mutations while also increasing susceptibility to pests.  Hold off on the fertilizer until April and even into the beginning of May.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping offers a top notice fertilizer and herbicide schedule that outranks other chemical application franchises.  While many other companies spray your lawn month with herbicides, Liberty Lawn & Landscaping eradicates weeds with only two application.  We don’t believe in over using synthetic chemicals in efforts of schedules and profits.  At Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, our top priority is our customer’s outcomes and savings.

If you want your lawn looking immaculate and flawless, call Liberty Lawn & Landscaping… You Won’t Regret It…


New Braunfels Pest Control


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Ant Control

Did you know that 1 queen ant can lay 1500 eggs PER day?  These little pests can take over a yard within a matter of days.  Mounds can start appearing in your yard in all directions; but, unknown to the eye is all the underground tunnels and nests.  Ants are similar to states of civilization.  They take care of their community and protect their livelihood.  They are known for their aggressive behavior when they feel threatened or attacked.  Billions of people have felt their fiery wrath when they sting in defense.

At Liberty Lawn & Landscaping, we want to help prevent these pests from luring in your lawns and stinging you and your loved ones.  These pests can also be harmful to plants causing inadequate growth/development and invite other opportunistic pests for plant damage.  Additionally, ants can kill beneficial insects who aid in plant proliferation.


This is the #1 professional fire ant treatment with year-long guaranteed protection.  One application per year can eradicate all current and future ants.   If words are no enough here is a short video clip on how amazing this product really is: https://youtu.be/SzN5TStX2xY

Even better, TopChoice provides pest management for fleas, ticks, and crickets for up to 4 months.  And when TopChoice is applied on a yearly basis for two-to-three years straight, ants don’t have a fighting chance.  If your tired of those nasty stings and those eyesore mounds, call Liberty Lawn & Landscaping today and let us take the pain right out.


Rose Pruning

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Love and roses are on our minds with Valentine’s Day on the horizon.  Forget the love, it’s ROSE PRUNING time.  It’s time to prune those rose bushes back in preparation for spring growth, buds, and blooms.  Many homeowners are afraid to cut back their roses in efforts to prevent growth dominance and focus on bud and bloom production.  But in actuality, pruning is what your roses so desperately want and need during dormancy for future flowering.  First, roses don’t want to hold on to dead and diseased/damaged stems.  These rose stems are just taking up their space for future growth and blooms.  Secondly, remove all suckers and small weak stems that are consuming water and nutrients from dominant (thick and long) stems.  When roses put on new growth they want to focus on preparing for buds and flower bloom; not in maintain old little shoots.  Third, remove all remaining sprouts in the middle of the bush.  This helps the rose bush with air movement for absorbing carbon dioxide and prevent safe havens for pests.

These three concepts are the bases to why spring pruning for roses need to be done and done right!

So, that brings us to the how.  The best way to learn how to prune a rose is through illustrations.  Mississippi State University has developed a superb guide with diagrams on how to prune roses: https://extension.msstate.edu/sites/default/files/topic-files/flower/pruning-diagrams.pdf

It is certainly worth studying and utilizing to prevent further damage to your rose bushes and promote buds and blooms.

Lastly, two websites, one furnished from Texas A&M and the other from a Texas Master Gardener, can provide additional resources on correctly pruning your rose bushes for the South Texas/Hill Country region.  It is vital to know how to care for your rose bushes in your temperate location in order to prepare them for the next three seasons.

  1. http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/archives/parsons/publications/roses/prune.html
  2. http://www.hillcountrymastergardeners.org/articles2/seminara_art2/seminara_cutting_roses2.pdf

Again, if you don’t feel confident or have the time for pruning back your roses/shrubs/perennials in preparation for springtime blooms, please call on the professionals – Liberty Lawn & Landscaping at 830-629-5296.  You will be glad you did.

Liberty Lawn & Landscaping is a family-owned and operated business for the last 12 years.  We take pride in our work and the value of our services.  Our knowledge base far exceeds the many local and regional landscape companies.  We strive for quality service and satisfied customers.

New Braunfels Tree Care

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Trees are vital pieces to any landscape.  Their long-term value is irreplaceable due to the length of time and effort to establish a full grown tree.  But trees are often forgotten and overlooked because of the low maintenance.  February is the month of Trees.  Since we are in the early weeks of February, tree pruning is the essential element at this time.  As trees are dormant during winter months and the horizon of next month’s budding and root growth nears, tree maintenance through structural pruning can expand the life and health of any tree.  Reducing risk, providing clearance, reducing wind resistance, influencing flower/fruit production, while improving the tree’s aesthetics are some of the basic objectives for most homeowners.  However, objectives can’t be properly meet without the proper methods. ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) has established best management practices for tree pruning through numerous findings and results from research. ISA offers a comprehensive, but easy to read, book on how to properly prune all species of trees titled “Best Management Practices – Tree Pruning, Second Edition” at http://www.isa-arbor.com/store/product.aspx?ProductID=58

One of the main takebacks for pruning any tree is the simple three-cut method approach for removing any limb/branch. 

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Cut 1 is the undercut, half way thru the branch with cut 2 being slight down and above cut 1 with the same depth. Cut 3 is the final removal stage.  This prevents bark tears and distributes the weight of the branch evening for the final cut. Two important comments to note is branch collar and using a chain saw.  First: an essential element to effective tree healing from pruning is never to cut behind or at the branch collar.because all the healing (compartmentalizing) mechanisms are located in the region.  What is the branch collar… it is where two branches our trunks have joined together to create a swell.

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The picture below shows two cuts.  Cut 1 is the correct cut beyond the branch collar to aid the tree in compartmentalizing the wound, while cut 2 is incorrect and will allow pest and decay to occur. Secondly: when using a chainsaw the 2nd cut should be either close to or right above the 1st cut but not all the way through.  This closer cut aids in safety to prevent a barber chair break.

Now, if the idea of tree pruning and structural management is beyond your scope of safety and knowledge, New Braunfels Tree Care experts are just a call away.  Liberty Lawn & Landscaping Inc. offers tree pruning, tree management, and tree care from our best management practices through ISA education and 11 years of reliable experience.  Call us today, 830-629-5296 for more information and to schedule a free estimate.


Additional Information:

The USDA has subsequentially developed a handbook guide on “How to Prune Trees” that any homeowner or professional can reference: https://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/howtos/ht_prune/htprune-rev-2012-screen.pdf

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